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Hi, my name is Tim and as you can tell I'm so excited about mixing my two loves in life....fishing and Web Design. As soon as I got online, I did a search on fishing related information for the Victoria area. All I found was charter boats and fishing stores. That put the idea in my head to plan and design a website for the fishermen that fish off rocks and piers in Victoria.

My very first fish!Nice Goldstream Chinook!
My very first salmon.Chinook caught off dock.
One of the main goals of the Victoria Shore Caster web site is to unite the shore fishermen of Victoria. Shore fishermen need to form an organization to keep our rights to fish where the fish are. You used to be able to fish on Pier 3 next to the breakwater.....no longer. You used to be able to fish where the Princess Mary used to park......no longer. Slowly but surely the shores around Victoria are being cut off from us! Why? So foreign ships can spew their crap into our harbor? Rise up fishermen and join Shore Caster's, and lets be part of the solution.
Sunset at the Breakwater
Sunsets at the Ogden Point breakwater are the best!
Ok, becoming a member of Shore Caster's is easy. For now while the site is getting set up just send me an email with some of your stats, and any information you think I should add to the site. Got a good fish picture from the Victoria area? Becoming a member also gives you priority seating on Tim's Fishing Tours. Its all free for you... the Victorian fishermen. All I ask is some input on the web site and any ideas you have about the Shore Caster's club.

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