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Ogden Point is the BEST For Lingcod!
Lingcod - Ophiodon elongatus
Alias : Bucketmouth, Ling

Well yet again DFO shows us their vast skills at managing a fishery by opening up the lingcod season then without warning shuts it down?????? There is not a lingcod shortage! People just don't know where and how to fish for them. Big lingcod live very close to shore! I'm so pissed off about this! Its the DFO peons that stand at the boat ramps and ask people what they caught. "Did you catch any lingcod?", they ask. NO but we were fishing for salmon. All the idiot hears is no lingcod. AAAHHHH, all I got to say is there had better be a Coho fishery this year!
The Ling Cod has dark mottling on the back and sides that can be brown, gray, green and even orange depending on their environment. They are usually paler on the belly. You can tell a Ling cod by their elongated body, large head, and mouth full of sharp teeth. They can be found from the surface to 600 feet deep. Ling cod are voracious feeders, and their food items include : flounders. rockfish, greenling, and herring. They are also cannibalistic. Jigs, buzzbombs, Gibbs Minnows and live fish. The best bait for Ling cod are greenlings! Alive or dead it doesn't matter.

Daily Limit :


Possesion Limit :


Annual Limit :

Needle-sharp Lingcod teeth.
Be careful when handling your Lingcod!

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