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Why book a seat on the next fishing tour?
Door to door pick up and return trip.
Stop for coffee and or fishing gear.
You choose from over 10 great fishing spots.
Expert advice on anything fish related.
Don't have rod or reel? Rentals available.
Your pictures posted on Shore Caster website.
Meet fellow Shore Caster's.
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Shore Caster Taxi
Friday, July 27, 2002 - Destination - Saanichton Spit!
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All this and more for just the shared cost in gas. The price will vary depending on the amount of people going on that day. Once I have a few trips under my belt, and see how it works out, I will be offering a couple of trips every week. Once it gets lighter later into the evening, I will be starting 4hour evening trips. I relize that there are alot of hardworking Shore Caster's out there that want to fish after work. What better way to relax, than by grabbing a six pack, giving Shore Caster's a call, and have a safe reliable ride to and from your favorite fishing hole.

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