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Sunset At Ogden Point Breakwater
Ogden Point Breakwater

One of my favorite places to be is early morning at Victoria's breakwater. From the very beginning of the breakwater, right to the end, the breakwater offers Victoria's Shore Caster's great fishing. Chinook, coho, pinks, lingcod, rockcod, greenling, flounder, perch, ratfish and maybe even a dogfish can all be caught at the breakwater. This is where I spend most of my time fishing.
Its was this....big
Really...it was this big!
There are two very different types of fishermen that fish the breakwater. Salmon fishers and Bottom fishers. A few switch back and forth, but it's usually one or the other. I will have pages for both so don't worry. When casting for salmon and the actions slow, just a small change in equipment and your ready for some heart pounding lingcod action.
Nice Copper RockcodYoung lingcod
Copper Rockcod caught at breakwater.Small lingcod released.
There are three main sections that are your best bet to catch fish :
1.     On the outside, just around the first bend. Try the first gap between the bend and the first kelp heads. Its semi-shallow here and has a sand bottom. Cast out, let your lure hit the bottom, then use a slow jigging retrieve.
2.     At the second corner on the outside. This is where fishing the breakwater can be tricky or expensive. The current can run swiftly past this corner......but use this to your advantage. Cast a way up or down from where you want your lure to go, and let the current take it there. Be prepared for the giant lingcod's that live at this corner and love to gobble up your $10 Perkin.
3.     Finally, the end of the breakwater. This is where over the years I've seen the most salmon taken. From sun up until about 11am, and two hours before sunset until dark are the best times to try. But you never know when a school of beautiful salmon will swim by.........right. Be aware of the reef that is on the left side of the end. It gobbles up gear really bad! Just keep your lure semi-shallow and you'll have no troubles. The right side of the end is very deep and has minimal snags. My only advice is don't play with your lure when it's getting close to the rocks. Just reel in quickly and cast out again. You can't catch fish without your lure in the water.
Thor's first Quillback
Thor catching his first Quillback Rockcod
The whole breakwater is great for catching all sorts of different bottomfish, anytime of the year. In the middle of the day, or in the dead of night you will find Victoria's Shore Caster's trying their luck at a bottom fish or two. I have to admit its my favorite type of fishing. You just never know what your going to catch. I have a guaranteed way to catch monster lingcod's every time I try it. You'll have to become a regular visitor to the site to find out. Rockcod, kelp greenling, whitespotted greenling, lingcod, perch, flounder and sculpins can all be caught at the breakwater. The two main bottomfish are the greenlings and their predator the voracious lingcod.

Nice Spring caught in June 2002
Nice Chinook caught at the end of the Ogden Point Breakwater

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