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Comorant Point
Cormorant Point

I once lived out in Gordon Head and was dying to go fishing. I decided to leave my house and walk along the beach until I found a good spot to fish. Well my first try was at Cormorant Point and it turned out to be the best salmon spot in all of Victoria.
Coho-releasedMeg my wifeDoug fishin
Coho live-released.My wife - MegDougie fishing.
I have tried salmon fishing here at many times of the year, but, the only time I catch salmon here is between Aug 15 and Oct 31. I'm giving away a big secret in telling you about this spot, but I think you, the Victoria Shore Caster should know. It's really scary, that with the amount of salmon I've seen here that more people don't fish the spot. This might sound like an exaggeration but I've seen the water go black with a huge school of salmon, as they slowly swim by!
Wait until about 4pm, grab your rod and head down to the rocks and just watch the light shine through the water. In a few minutes a school will swim by. I'm serious! When you see them, cast ahead of the school about 10feet and jig up and down. WHAM! Your hooked up. I've see four nice size salmon taken all at the same time. Catching your limit of salmon is possible when fishing at Cormorant Point.

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