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Baby lingcod
Ten Mile Point

Anytime in the summer months is a great time to try your luck at 10 Mile Point. The ocean's bottom drops right off the rocks here and plunge hundreds of feet. There are very strong currents at certain times of the day.
Chinook caught at Ten Mile Point
Chinook Caught At Ten Mile Point
Some of the biggest Chinooks I've seen have been taken right off the rocks at Ten Mile Point. Buzzbombs, Perkins and Gibbs Minnows are your best bet. Cast out to your left and let your line out until it hits the bottom. Pull up and reel in your slack line, wait a few seconds and repeat. Continue this until you hook your fish, or your arm falls off, whichever comes first.
Quillback rockfish
Quillback rockfish are scrappy fighters.
If you hit the tides right, Ten Mile Point can be very productive for bottomfish as well. Not alot of people know this. I have hooked monster lingcods only to have them strip me out of line. Go on a slack tide and use herring, anchovies or minnows. Cast out as far as you can and let the line out until your gear hits the bottom. Don't play with your line! If you do it will get snagged for sure. Just let it sit there, don't worry, you will feel the strike. Trust me, you'll feel it!

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