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Victoria Golf Course

Victoria's Golf Course
Great view of the 9th hole where the BIG boys are caught

Great news! Victoria Golf Course does'nt seem to mind people fishing off the 9th hole point now. Its good to see that they know what a neat thing it is for people to catch big chinooks right off the rocks. People have started catching the odd big chinook now, check out the Prime Bite Time for the best time to try. If you have any fishing reports or any other info on fishing Victoria Golf Couse, please let me know.

Victoria's Golf Course
The best golf course in Victoria if you got the $$$$$

Try fishing with 2" Buzzbombs or any small fish shaped lure. Cast out and just let the lure flutter in the waters current. Be careful when casting to your left off the point because there is a real nasty snag. Just try to keep your lure in the top 20-30 feet and you should do great.

Victoria Golf Course Clubhouse
I bet they have the best food & beer in there!

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