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Gibbs MinnowGibbs Minnows are so good I put them at the top of the list. I've caught all fish that are on my site with a Gibbs Minnow. The minnow can be bent to look like a wounded herring, or with just another little twist in the lure it will look like a needlefish. Gibbs has such great products! My choice in color is GREEN. I fished with black and had no bites. As soon as I changed to the green Gibbs minnow, rockcod one after another. Salmon, lingcod, rockcod, flounder, greenling all love this lure.
Gibbs Minnow
Buzz BombIf I had to chose one lure to use the Buzz-Bomb would be it. It catches all fish, comes in a rainbow of colors, and the best thing about the Buzz-Bomb is the price! By far the best bang for your buck on the west coast. Its a great lure for the begginer fisher people because its the falling action of the lure that attracts the fish. The only problem with the lure is that you tie your line right onto the hook. Its not a problem for salmon, but when fishing for lingcod you better use heavier line. Or say goodbye to your huge ling.
Buzz Bomb
SpinnowSpinnows are a variation on the Buzz-Bomb. The Spinnow has a wire running right through the lure, the hook is secured by wire so that makes it extra strong. Some fish on the west coast have such sharp teeth that they can easly bite through 20 pound test! The Spinnow stops this with the wire leader. A great addition to any tacklebox.
PerkinIf your rich or are just silly with money this is the lure for you. I can't justify paying over $10 for a lure I could lose on the first cast. The Perkin is a great lure don't get me wrong. I've caught lots of salmon and bottomfish with this lure before the price went way up. It has a great body shape that makes the lure look so real underwater. When I get rich I will fill my tacklebox with these lures.
Gibbs SpoonsWhat a great lure for casting off shore!! I just started using this lure and it rocks! If used from shore it is a Coho magnet. Its light, so it flutters and shines just below the surface of the water. I've also caught alot of rockcod with the Gibbs Spoon. Check out Pier B next to the breakwater, when the rockcod are biting your arm will get sore bringing them in. Lingcod love this lure as well!
Gibbs Spoons
JigsIf your going after bottomfish, jigs are a must have for your tackle box. They come in all shapes and sizes. Jigs can be cheap or you can buy expensive fancy ones and lose it your first cast. One of my fishing buddies uses huge jigs down at Ogden Point Breakwater for lingcod. I would not recommend this way of fishing to beginners. You'll lose thousands of dollars of gear before you figure out the little tricks involved in getting un-snagged.

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