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Victoria on Vancouver Island is a great place to try saltwater fishing. Fishermen can catch all the Pacific Salmon - Chinook, Coho, Chum, Sockeye & Pink. There is also a huge assortment of bottomfish - lingcod, rockcod, greenling, flounder, dogfish, ratfish, cabezon, pile perch, herring, surf perch, mud shark, shiner perch plus many many more. Do you need to know what rod, reel, hooks, lures, bait or tackle to use? Find out what fellow shore Casting anglers are catching with the weekly fishing report.

Ever wondered why your not catching anything? You see them jumping, but no bites? Here is the best chart I've found on the net!

Go to www.racerocks.com for a great way of checking the weather conditions before going out! Just like everything else in BC www.racerocks.com has lost their government funding and need your support.

DFO closure of lingcod upsets local fishers!

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